Work Gloves

Lentek gloves and Lentek Personal Protection Equipment by Lentus offers some of the best products available in the work glove category. LENTEK Gloves are engineered to create the best nitrile-foam coated glove available. The L-200 series general work gloves were designed to excel in the majority of all work situations making them the go-to glove for numerous different industries.

The nitrile-foam foam rubber-coating technology ensures a comfortable fit and exceptional durability, allowing workers to handle their task with precision, comfort, and care for an extended period of time. L-201 gloves provide insulation to protect in cold environments.

Along with the general work gloves, the nitrile-foam coating was also applied to the finest cut-resistant material available. The result, the L-250 cut-resistant series of work gloves. Not only do these gloves meet the highest standard for cut-resistance, they also maintain the excellent fit and durability of its general work counterparts.

Lentek gloves

Lentek Work Gloves